Audiovisual equipment designed for you!

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Last week, EventoSoluciones participated in the annual Seo Sarao conference by providing the audiovisual equipment they required to make the event a success.

Approximately 60 people attended the event where the following audiovisual equipment was used to provide the sound and projection of presentations:

Equipo de sonido y proyeccion sala 60pax

•  With regards the projection of presentations and videos:

-2x2 screen

-Projector of 2500 lumens

-Laser indicator

•  With regards the conference’s sound system:

-Acoustic boxes of 10” and 300 Watts


-Gooseneck table microphones

-Handheld, wireless microphone to enable the participation of those in attendance

-Tie-clip microphone for the discussion moderator

The sound equipment hired was exactly what was needed for the conference and was available at a great price.

The main aim EventoSoluciones is to achieve the satisfaction of our clients by adjusting to their equipment needs and ideal rate for these services.