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Grabacion exteriores

Last week, EventoSoluciones visited the organic estate of Naranjas Lolita to record the publicity spot they will use in their presentation. Recording lasted four hours and once we’d taken all the necessary shots, EventoSoluciones completed the post-production and final production along with the accompanying voice-over.

To make the spot, EventoSoluciones made use of a DVCAM camera and some reflecting screens to enhance the brightness, as it was a dark, winter day.

EventoSoluciones has confirmed the shooting of three more publicity videos with Naranjas Lolita. These will be done each season of the year to show all their clients what happens during spring, summer and autumn at this charming estate

EventoSoluciones is happy to say that Naranjas Lolita are very pleased with the results of the video.