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Equipos de Sonido

EventoSoluciones invites you to take a walk around Malaga and it’s old quarter, stopping at the Hotel Petit Palace to see and contemplate Antonio Delgado’s photographic exhibition, ‘LA ULTIMA MINA’ (The Last Mine). This exhibition is dedicated to all Spanish miners and more specifically, miners from the province of Teruel.

Like the artist says, in 1991 you could notice the mines disappearing year after year. However, Delgado didn’t start this project until the year 2000 when there were only eight miners left: the final eight miners in the central region of Teruel. This was when he thought he had to do this project to preserve and retain some form of remembering the work of the miner. These are images that remind us of a way of life that is now extinguished in the central “comarca” of Teruel. They represent the end of mining in this region. They are photographs (without predetermined frames)of miners working as they would 40 years ago, simply reflecting their every day work.


EventoSoluciones, has signed a collaboration contract with the production firm, Somos Monos. During the course of this contract, we will be filming various live videos that will serve as promotional and historical references of the events that happen with this new production company in the province of Malaga

On the 8th of April, the company will cover Rosendo’s concert that is taking place in Sala Paris 15. Local group, Patrañas (who have an extensive history in the music industry) will be the support act.