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It was an honour for EventoSoluciones to be able to work on the launch of Coin’s ‘Mercado Minorista’.Puesto del mercado minorista de Coin

We’re absolutely certain that the effort of all the participants will be worth it. We are very thankful to the organisation for allowing us to collaborate on the opening of Coin’s ‘Mercado Minorista’. We know this event is making history and that this Sunday was the first moment in what will be a very long history. Early in the morning at 8am, all the bustle of set-up began. Many stalls started to get organised. The stalls at this lovely market were selling aromatic herbs, ceramics, embroidered cloths, seasonal fruits and all types of produce local to Coin. Furthermore, the organisation had a small stand where you could taste typical Coin food and have a few beers. This market will take place every Sunday at the town’s entrance, just before the BP petrol station. EventoSoluciones worked on livening up the market. To do this, we used six speakers placed linearly and a control deck from which we played music.

We offer our sincere congratulations to the event’s organisers, farmers and craftsmen who have made it possible to rediscover the area’s rich customs.