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Momento de la actuación de Los que faltaban Charanga

Last Friday (22nd of November), “Coinvivien2 con la Música” took place in Coin. This was a day of music in which more than 6000 schoolchildren from across the Province of Malaga took part and 1000 musicians offered hundreds of concerts and workshops. EventoSoluciones had the opportunity to collaborate by providing the necessary sound equipment and accessories for the recording and mixing of the sound for the groups assigned to the Alameda stage. The various stages were distributed across the city in squares, schools, churches and other locations, with a total of 14 different stages available. These occupied Coin’s most symbolic squares, including the Alameda, Andalucia, Luna, de la Villa and Bermudez de la Rubia. There were also venues in San Agustin Park, parish rooms, San Juan Church, San Sebastian Church and educational centres. The artists were able to display their creativity and share it with the public in attendance. The educational centres were divided into groups so they could head to the different stages where concerts of around 15 minutes in duration took place.