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Once again, EventoSoluciones would like to share with you an example of the events we provide for. EventoSoluciones gave technical support to the presentation for the publication of ‘Actas de las III Jornadas de Filosofia’. These days were hosted in the conference room in the old Convent of Santa María de la Encarnación in Coin. For this occasion, the configuration used in a full venue for 60 people was as follows:

Equipo de sonido 60pax

2 Acoustic Boxes of 10” and 300W

2 Speaker supports

1 Amplifier of 300W per channel

1 Gooseneck table microphone

1 Microphone stand

1 Mixing deck of 8 channels

1 Wireless microphone


These ‘III Jornadas’, which were titled ‘Fronteras e identidades culturales’ (Cultural borders and identities), were organised by the PROCURE association and provided with technical cover by EventoSoluciones. On this occasion, the audiovisual effort was much larger given that the event was hosted in the church of the aforementioned convent.

The result obtained was to the satisfaction of our client. This in turn provided us with the satisfaction of a job well done. We would like to thank the PROCURE association for trusting in EventoSoluciones to provide audiovisual support for all its activities.