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Proyección del documental 15M:Malaga despierta en La Casa Invisible

Last Wednesday at the city social management centre, ‘La Casa Invisible’, the premiere of the documentary ‘15M: Málaga despierta’ (a 15MMá production) took place in front of more than 300 attendees. EventoSoluciones, a sound and projection equipment hire company was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with the event by providing suitable equipment for its screening. The documentary was later shown in the documentary section of the ‘Festival de Cine Español’ (Spanish Film Festival). 

We would just like to congratulate the producers of the documentary and ‘La Casa Invisible’ for the successful experience. During the three days of showing, the public turnout was huge.




La roja campeona del mundo de futbol

This Sunday, 10/06/12, the Spanish national team, ‘La Roja’, will be playing their first game in EURO 2012. 

Spain will play the famous Italian national team who are known for their football and this year, for their corruption cases. The clash will take place in Gdansk at 6pm.

Join our promotion to motivate La Roja!!! For just 50€ (taxes not included), you can enjoy the national team’s matches with one of our Vivitek D 511 video/data projectors. 

These projectors will make all La Roja’s matches even more interesting! With DLP, 3D READY technology and your HDMI connection, you can enjoy a match in 3D with its 2600 lumens, high contrast and maximum SXGA accepted resolution. Your living room will be turned into a stadium with you occupying the best seats!

If you would like more information about our promotion, get in touch with us through our website.


Equipos de Sonido

EventoSoluciones invites you to take a walk around Malaga and it’s old quarter, stopping at the Hotel Petit Palace to see and contemplate Antonio Delgado’s photographic exhibition, ‘LA ULTIMA MINA’ (The Last Mine). This exhibition is dedicated to all Spanish miners and more specifically, miners from the province of Teruel.

Like the artist says, in 1991 you could notice the mines disappearing year after year. However, Delgado didn’t start this project until the year 2000 when there were only eight miners left: the final eight miners in the central region of Teruel. This was when he thought he had to do this project to preserve and retain some form of remembering the work of the miner. These are images that remind us of a way of life that is now extinguished in the central “comarca” of Teruel. They represent the end of mining in this region. They are photographs (without predetermined frames)of miners working as they would 40 years ago, simply reflecting their every day work.


EventoSoluciones, has signed a collaboration contract with the production firm, Somos Monos. During the course of this contract, we will be filming various live videos that will serve as promotional and historical references of the events that happen with this new production company in the province of Malaga

On the 8th of April, the company will cover Rosendo’s concert that is taking place in Sala Paris 15. Local group, Patrañas (who have an extensive history in the music industry) will be the support act.




Grabacion exteriores

Last week, EventoSoluciones visited the organic estate of Naranjas Lolita to record the publicity spot they will use in their presentation. Recording lasted four hours and once we’d taken all the necessary shots, EventoSoluciones completed the post-production and final production along with the accompanying voice-over.

To make the spot, EventoSoluciones made use of a DVCAM camera and some reflecting screens to enhance the brightness, as it was a dark, winter day.

EventoSoluciones has confirmed the shooting of three more publicity videos with Naranjas Lolita. These will be done each season of the year to show all their clients what happens during spring, summer and autumn at this charming estate

EventoSoluciones is happy to say that Naranjas Lolita are very pleased with the results of the video.