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Sound Equipment

Sound equipment, acoustic boxes (speakers), mixing decks and amplifiers are some of the apparatus that EventoSoluciones has available for hire. If you wish, we can liven up your events with ambient music, music for weddings, parties and different acts, professional DJs, a personalised music service, a sound system for shows...

The key to livening any event is good music. For this to be achieved, sound equipment is required. We adapt to your needs so you can hire different systems for interior and exterior events, whether they be Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve events, religious festivals, anniversaries, launch parties: everything is possible thanks to the equipment available for hire at EventoSoluciones in Malaga.

Don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunity to hire sound equipment for your events. If you also need to hire a DJ, flamenco ensemble or the latest musical groups, EventoSoluciones can help you make your choice. All you need to do is make your request and you will be provided with the perfect solution that fits in with your budget.


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