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Simultaneous Interpretation

As we live in a multilingual society, it is almost essential to have simultaneous interpretation. EventoSoluciones offers you the option of hiring the basic equipment for simultaneous interpretation at small and medium-sized events. We are able to assist large events as well if you request this service in advance.

Language shouldn’t be an inconvenience in the development of your business. That’s why EventoSoluciones can offer special, soundproof stations for the use of interpreters. This service can be provided with or without professional interpreters who guarantee full communication.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment includes receivers, soundproof cabins (for as many languages as you need to translate), interpretation consoles, radiator, and transmitter. It is better to hire microphone and sound systems together. EventoSoluciones offers you the full equipment package at a very competitive price. Bear in mind that the number of sound technicians you will be required to hire will vary according to the number of stations and interpreters you need. This is why quotes differ, as it is dependent upon the number of languages and the quantity of receivers you will need.

In the event you need more technical specifications or an explanation of how our simultaneous interpretation equipment functions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. It will be a pleasure to advise you as to the best option for your event.



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