Audiovisual equipment designed for you!

Turning Point

The best way to involve spectators in your talks is to use the interactive voting equipment that EventoSoluciones puts at your disposition. This will create a dynamic, collaborative environment in which every one of your guests will have an opinion.  

The interactive voting equipment available for hire functions easily with a simple, communicator remote and a USB receiver that will capture the votes for each of your questions using frequencies. This quickly provides you with basic statistics and graphs in order to facilitate the displaying of the results.

-     Evaluate the public’s general knowledge

-    Find out the opinions of your attendees

-    Take collective, democratic decisions

-    Choose a candidate

All of this is possible by using the interactive voting equipment available for hire at EventoSoluciones. Your conference, meeting and general events will stand out. Everyone who attends your event will thank you for allowing their opinions to be heard and for providing a link between the speaker and the guest. The interactive voting equipment has the added value of being able to increase how much attention is paid to your speaker. Therefore, the results drawn at your presentations, speeches, talks and other events will be improved.



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