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Computing Equipment

EventoSoluciones has different computing options available that will facilitate communication at your event.

The PCs and laptops available for hire have basic software packages installed: Office, internet explorer, Adobe Reader. In the event you need another programme, you should request this sufficiently in advance, as well as providing the appropriate licenses if necessary.

The multifunction printer can be connected via the network between computers, or even via WiFi, so you can use it as a communal printer or fax.

Network installations are normally necessary in order to individually share documents, games, presentations and samples that have a smaller, more detailed image, within the proximity of your personal computer. EventoSoluciones can help with the connectivity of your event.

We provided equipment for the ‘Online Gaming Championships’. We can help you by installing temporary networks or fixed networks for your event or business. With regards the latter, EventoSoluciones can offer the integral maintenance of these. 

At present, it is almost essential for your event to have an internet connection. That’s why the technical department at EventoSoluciones has the knowledge, tools and experience necessary to install wireless connections in the perfect rooms for your fairs, training courses and conferences.

-    PCs

-    Laptops

-    Multifunction printers

-    Network Installation

-    WiFi network installation


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