Audiovisual equipment designed for you!

Audiovisual equipment hire in Malaga

EventoSoluciones is a young company dedicated to the hire of audiovisual equipment in Malaga and its Province. We have a highly-experienced technical team with a range of professional experience in - and knowledge of - the world of audiovisual technology and the assembly of sound, video and lighting equipment. We put our extensive inventory of audiovisual equipment at your disposition in order to help make your event a roaring success.

Our equipment available for hire ranges from sound equipment for a private party, to a medical conference with a live broadcast from the operating theatre, and concerts (both big and small). EventoSoluciones offers experts trained in the use of audiovisual equipment to help develop your projects and make them a reality.

Transporting information to wherever you wish, whether it be a covered or uncovered area, is possible with the great sound equipment, high-quality projectors, excellent technicians and other methods available with EventoSoluciones.

Conference equipment

Simultaneous interpretation equipment

Interactive voting equipment

DJ equipment

Projection equipment

Video equipment

Sound equipment

Audio and video editing and post-production equipment

Speakers, wireless and wired microphones, projectors, computers, projection screens, video cameras.

You can request information free of obligations. EventoSoluciones will listen to you, assess your needs, and together we will surprise the guests at your parties, conferences and meetings. By using the appropriate audiovisual equipment, your event will be a great success.