Audiovisual equipment designed for you!

Live video recording

We offer the video filming, recording and editing of your event, whether you wish to save it as a graphic archive of your company, an audiovisual document that acts as a reference for what happened during your event, or for the projection of the video in the same room or those adjacent.

By recording a video you will have a DVD reminder of your conference, assembly, press conference or product launch.

Perform product demonstrations and project them on a screen so all your guests can enjoy every detail of your presentation. We offer multi-camera production at your gala, conference or presentation.

EventoSoluciones has provided technical cover to medicinal courses broadcast from a hospital’s operating theatre with the surgeon performing an operation, giving the audience attending the course the opportunity to see and interact with the surgeon while he works.

*Hire of video equipment:



Video monitors

Video table

Projection and rear projection of video and data.

PiP projection




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