Audiovisual equipment designed for you!

Conferences, fairs and exhibitions

We have all the audiovisual equipment available that you will need for your launch party, conference, assembly, product presentation or press conference.

We can cater for any type of event you would like to host.

*Sound equipment hire:

Different configurations of sound equipment, adapting to your needs and fair stands are available.

This includes table, lectern or wireless microphones.

Audio recording:  make a digital record of the audio part of your event (whether it be a conference, assembly, press conference or other type) that will stand the test of time.

*Video equipment hire:

Video projection and rear projection.

Projectors of different intensities (lumens).

Tripod screens which are perfect for courses and small meetings.

Framed screens of different sizes.

Multi-window screens.

Video recording: make a DVD of your conference, assembly, press conference or product launch.

*Lighting equipment hire:

Profile spot lights.

Fresnel lighting for TV.

Follow spots for your galas and parties.

Spectacular lighting for diverse applications.

PAR 64 lighting.

We have technical staff who are qualified in these varying audiovisual fields. They will be able to advise and help you meet all your planned requirements or possible needs that may arise before and during the development of your event. It is their goal to make your project a reality and complete success.



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