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Streaming VI Jornadas de Filosofía

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Coinvivien2 con la Música

Momento de la actuación de Los que faltaban Charanga

Last Friday (22nd of November), “Coinvivien2 con la Música” took place in Coin. This was a day of music in which more than 6000 schoolchildren from across the Province of Malaga took part and 1000 musicians offered hundreds of concerts and workshops. EventoSoluciones had the opportunity to collaborate by providing the necessary sound equipment and accessories for the recording and mixing of the sound for the groups assigned to the Alameda stage. The various stages were distributed across the city in squares, schools, churches and other locations, with a total of 14 different stages available. These occupied Coin’s most symbolic squares, including the Alameda, Andalucia, Luna, de la Villa and Bermudez de la Rubia. There were also venues in San Agustin Park, parish rooms, San Juan Church, San Sebastian Church and educational centres. The artists were able to display their creativity and share it with the public in attendance. The educational centres were divided into groups so they could head to the different stages where concerts of around 15 minutes in duration took place.

‘Málaga despierta’ documentary screening


Proyección del documental 15M:Malaga despierta en La Casa Invisible

Last Wednesday at the city social management centre, ‘La Casa Invisible’, the premiere of the documentary ‘15M: Málaga despierta’ (a 15MMá production) took place in front of more than 300 attendees. EventoSoluciones, a sound and projection equipment hire company was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with the event by providing suitable equipment for its screening. The documentary was later shown in the documentary section of the ‘Festival de Cine Español’ (Spanish Film Festival). 

We would just like to congratulate the producers of the documentary and ‘La Casa Invisible’ for the successful experience. During the three days of showing, the public turnout was huge.




Control Técnico V Jornadas

It was a pleasure for EventoSoluciones to work on the provision of audiovisual support for the ‘V Jornadas de Filosofía’ that was hosted in Coin (Malaga) with the theme of “Feminine Philosophy”. The event took place the first weekend in December 2012 and was organised by the Procure association and sponsored by the Ayuntamiento (local government).

Like we have done since the first edition in 2002, EventoSoluciones collaborated in the technical area of this conference by providing the sound, recording and post-editing of the event. We also provided venue features that included plasma screens, projectors and lighting. The highest quality of equipment was used to cover a cultural event that has continuously taken place over the last decade. It’s an unmissable event in the Spanish philosophy sector due to the quality of the speakers who participate on the different days.

Over the course of the ‘V Jornadas’, EventoSoluciones was able to broadcast all the event’s conferences by using streaming, with thanks to the collaboration of the group Telecom. This is something we’ve been thinking of for years and finally we were able to do this. Many people who live far away congratulated the organisation for the opportunity to follow the discussions live on the internet. And given that a cold front seized Coin that weekend, only the bravest of publics filled the convention room while many people were able to enjoy a weekend of philosophy on their computer in the proximity of a heater.

EventoSoluciones would like to congratulate the organisation for all the other days they have hosted and express our sincere wish for many more in the future.


Product Launch


Informacion sobre estaciones de ski de europa

Last week, EventoSoluciones was lucky enough to be able to work at the training days Acción Viajes S.L. offered to their workers. We were surprised when we saw that Malaga has this kind of project. The company presented the website to its workers. This website will be used to make hotel bookings on the internet for ski resorts throughout Europe and therefore opening a new sales channel.

During the training day, the company hired a 5000 lumens projector, a 3x2metre projection screen and a video distributor (with which they made a PiP production on the large screen showing piste maps and a window from another computer showing technical details). They also hired basic microphone services with two active and two passive speakers, together with a wireless microphone for requests and questions, and another wireless tie-clip microphone for the speaker. They also had a green laser indicator to highlight certain points on the screens.

We wish them a great, fruitful sales season.